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Seven Keys To Effective lay Ministry

In the church, lay ministers are actively involved in more than half of all church ministries. Yet lay ministers may not have been adequately trained by their own local church leadership to fulfill their ministry obligations. Ministries such as children’s church, Sunday school, care groups, assimilation, and evangelism, to name a few, are led and managed by lay ministers. Most lay ministers are not Bible college or seminary trained. This book is written to help educate lay ministers on how to learn and incorporate the seven important keys to ministering effectively in their local church.

Overcoming Prejudice in the Church

Dr. Driver believes that the church has the solution to the problem of overcoming prejudice in the church. It is called “Expressive Love.” His unique approach teaches churches and organizations that through Jesus Christ’s demonstrative expressive love, the barriers of prejudice can be broken. By this, building bridges of racial reconciliation can be accomplished by every person, including the local church.